I'm Jason Young, husband, father, passionate engineer, and cloud architect.

Here is where it all started. A TRS-80 Color Computer from Radio Shack. My parents couldn't afford the floppy drive, so we used cassette tape storage.

Me in front of a TRS-80 Color Computer

Here is me a few years later after buying my Macintosh Plus from my dad for $200. He originally paid $5000.

Me With My Mac Plus

The Mac Plus was a glorious machine with a 512×342 monochrome screen (for comparison, OSX icons are higher resolution), 1 MB of RAM, and used 800 KB floppy disks, and had no hard drive. Nonetheless, it was a powerful productivity machine. It could run games way ahead of its time, and it could even play video and sound. If you want to try running one, there is actually a complete emulator that runs in JavaScript.

For bonus points, find the following in the photo:

Professionally, I started working with ASP.NET while 1.0 was still in beta. Since then, I've written software at companies like GE, Skyline Technologies, Orion Energy Systems, and Microsoft. My brain is written in C#, I speak Node.js, and I believe the universe runs on Windows Azure.

I feel amazingly fortunate to be on the same team as many amazingly smart developers out there helping people write amazing software.

This blog is my own, and represents my opinions, and not those of my employer.

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